Running Shoes vs Training Shoes: Are they the same?

So many workouts, so little time. These days, there are a million ways to get a sweat session in. Whether it’s gym workouts, lifting, the treadmill, or long runs, you need the right shoe. Understanding what shoe to use, and when, can help you perform your best and avoid injury. We’ll breakdown running shoes vs. […]

How to Clean Running Shoes

The Basics Let’s first clear the air by answering the question most will first ask. No, unfortunately the washing machine is the worst method in cleaning shoes. It can tear the construction and alter the structure of the shoe. The washing machine will destroy the shock absorption fibers and EVA foam in the mid-sole. This […]

Blister and Callus Treatment

Blisters collection of fluid in a “bubble” under the outer layer of the skin. Callus Usually painless thickening of skin caused by repeated pressure or irritations a form to protect a skin area from injury caused by rubbing or squeezing. Pressure causes cells in the irritated area to grow at a faster rate, leading to […]

Prevent Overuse and Traumatic Injuries

Overuse vs. Traumatic Injuries There are two types of injuries that an athlete may encounter: one caused by an acute trauma, the other resulting from overuse. The Traumatic Injury The Traumatic Injury is violent and sudden, such as sprains, lacerations, torn ligaments, pulled muscles, or broken bones caused by a fall. These types of injury […]

Proper Shoe Selection

Proper shoe selection is an important part of the injury prevention. Forces greater than three to five times your body weight are placed on your feet and dissipated up your leg when you run. Not only does running place a lot of force on the foot, but walking and everyday activity can place enough stress […]

Incorporate Hill Running in your Training

Hill running has a strengthening effect as well as boosting your athlete’s power and is ideal for those athletes who depend on high running speeds – football, rugby, basketball, cricket players and even runners. To reduce the possibility of injury hill training should be conducted once the athlete has a good solid base of strength […]