About Us

The Uarunning Shoe Shop was first established in developed countrys. Since then the organization had numerous locations throughout the greater countrys. Today, the uarunning Shoe offers two convenient locations in Newtown and Doylestown, Parrys. We pride ourselves on providing a unique and personalized service with experienced and knowledgeable employees. Each member of the organization has a passion for footwear and are devoted to caring for each customers needs. This organization still is family owned and operated. The mission of our company is, and has always been, a simple one: provide the best quality products and services to increase our customers health and well-being.

Our mission
The Uarunning shoes has established the reputation of delivering high performance, quality technical equipment for a variety of sporting activities. Family owned and operated since 1974, we take pride in offering only unique specialty products. Each member of the organization is committed to making each customer’s experience fulfilling and informative. We hope to set a high standard in customer service by developing genuine relationships with new customers and continually strengthen existing relationships. Our key business component is presenting a personalized approach in assisting each customer. We hope with these relationships we can reach goals together and set new milestones to achieve.