As a runner, I’m always interested in what people have to say about their favorite running shoes. I’m also interested in learning what they have to say about what they think are the worst running shoes.

Not long ago, I wrote a blog post about the benefits of running barefoot. After reading this blog post, you may decide that running shoes are not for you! Don’t fret, though. This blog post isn’t intended to trash-talk running shoes. Instead, the purpose of this blog post is to remind us all that it is so important to research running shoes prior to purchasing them. After all, if you’re an avid runner, these shoes will be taking you on journeys that add-up to hundreds of miles!

Also, before I get to the list of some of the worst running shoes out there, I must pause to let you know that I don’t personally have experience with all of these shoes. This list is built from my research into what others in the running community are saying. The list represents a pretty good consensus of thought and opinion. If you’re looking for a list of brand names, then this list isn’t for you. This list is comprised of the characteristics that make up a terrible running shoe.

The worst running shoes

(1) A shoe not properly fitted to your arch.

If your shoe isn’t properly fitted to match your foot’s natural arch, then I guarantee this running shoe belongs on the list of “the worst running shoes.”

(2) A shoe that doesn’t stay tied.

Few things are more frustrating in the middle of a long run than having to stop and tie (or retighten) your shoelaces. Not only is it frustrating, but it causes you to lose momentum.

(3) A shoe that is too heavy.

Many runners make the mistake of thinking that any athletic shoe will do for a running shoe. NOT SO! A clunky basketball shoe or cross-training shoe will NOT work as a running shoe, especially a distance-running shoe.,

(4) A shoe that has improper tread.

If your shoe is is too deeply treaded because it’s meant for trail running, but you’re using it for blacktop running, then this shoe belongs on the worst running shoes list.

Look folks, the point is simple. Picking a proper running shoe isn’t an impulse buy. If it is an impulse buy, then I almost guarantee that you’ll be disappointed once you start working your shoes in on their first few runs. Instead, take the time to research well and consult the help of a running expert, if needed. Be willing to spend the money to get the perfect pair of shoes for YOU!